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Opening Mass 開學感恩祭

Date: 18/10/2019

Our school’s Opening Mass was held on 20 September and it was celebrated by Rev. Fr. Ignatius Lo.


Father Lo shared the story of a young fisherman while preaching. Although this young man was poor, he felt satisfied. However, an unexpected wealth resulted in his greed, and he began to care only about money and become unhappy. The story reminded us that we should treasure the things we have. Our lives become miserable when we are overwhelmed by desires. Therefore we should learn to be grateful. 


Father Lo hoped that students could pursue justice, devoutness, faith, love, perseverance and goodness in this new academic year. We need to practice the teachings of the God to enrich our lives.


At the final stage of the Mass, the new committee of Catholic Society received the investiture. Each committee member was blessed by Fr. Lo and was given key rings to signify their commitment to both evangelic duty and service to the school.









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