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Speech Day 畢業典禮 2019

Date: 20/06/2019

The Annual Speech Day of Pope Paul VI College was held on 24th May 2019 at the School Hall. We were honoured to have Mr. Peter Lau Chiu Yin (Episcopal Delegate for Education, Catholic Diocese of Hong Kong) to officiate the event. Other guests of honour included The Superior Delegate of the P.I.M.E. Sisters and School Supervisor, Sr. Luigia Mindassi; the School Sponsoring Body Managers, Sr. Theresa Pathickal, Sr. Angelica Fernandes, Mr. Wong Yee Tin, and Ms. Fung Wai Lin; the Parent Manager and Chairperson of the Parent-Teacher Association, Ms. Tam Yuet Ming; the Alternate Parent Manager, Ms. Choi Shuen Ling; and the Chairperson of the Alumnae Association, Ms. Carol Chan Hiu Wai.


The ceremony commenced with a report outlining students’ achievements by the Principal Ms. Lam Chui Wan. She then elaborated on the school’s major concerns. Since the school has always put moral and value education as its top priority, various projects and activities have been introduced to students to cultivate a healthy lifestyle with positive self-esteem. In terms of teaching and learning, the school aims to enhance students’ creativity, collaboration skills, critical thinking skills and problem-solving skills. With the employment of STEM Education, collaborative teaching, cross-curricular learning, as well as Life Planning Education, students are kept abreast of the latest trends in the world and emboldened to strive for excellence.


The Guest of Honour, Mr. Lam Chiu Yin presented the graduation certificates to the F.6 graduates. He then graced the evening by addressing the graduates and guests with words of inspiration. He shared a study about temptation and self-control, and suggested ways to resist temptation, boost determination and break bad habits. He also asserted that students should treasure the church’s core beliefs and values as they can help people to face challenges in life.


Mr. Lau’s sharing was followed by the Passing-on-the-Light Ceremony. The time-honoured practice symbolized the passing on of traditions, dreams and virtues from our graduates to their younger sisters. On behalf of the student body, Student Representative Amy Lam thanked the school for giving her and her schoolmates a holistic education which equipped them with the skills to become versatile individuals.


The Speech Day was concluded with a singing performance by the School Choir, a dancing performance and a cello performance. The Love and Service Band also sent their blessings to our graduates with delightful melodies.














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