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Speech Day 畢業典禮 2020

Date: 16/12/2020


The Annual Speech Day of Pope Paul VI College was held on 27thNovember 2020 at the School Hall. We were honoured to have MsSzeto Ying, Gloria (A Specialist in Pre-primary Education) to officiate the event. Other guests of honour included our School Supervisor, Sr. Pessanha Alves Marinei; the School Sponsoring Body Manager, Sr. Pathickal Thresiamma; the Missionary Sisters of The Immaculate (PIME Sister) Delegation House Superior, Sr. Pamei Carmela Athanluthe Independent Manager, Mr. Ko Chun Wa; the Parent Manager, Mr. Lai Tai Yauthe Alternate Parent Manager and Chairperson of the Parent-Teacher Association, Ms. Cherry So Siu Ha and the Chairperson of the Alumnae Association, Ms. Carol Chan Hiu Wai. 


The ceremony commenced with an inspiring sharing by the Principal, MrLeung Yee HoGenthewHcompared our graduates to bamboo, which is viewed as a symbol of traditional Chinese values, to encourage our graduates to stay strong when facing tough situations in life. The Famous Tang Dynasty (618-907) poet, Bai Juyi (772-846) summarized the merits of bamboo according to its characteristics: its deep roots denote resoluteness, its straight stem represents honourability, its hollow interior shows modesty and its clean exterior exemplifies chastity. He hoped that our graduates would uphold the same virtues when entering this new chapter in their livesIwas meaningful to receive a gift of a white cobblestone from Mr. Leung, the purpose being to tell our graduates and teachers that each student is unique and teachable. He reminded our graduates with warm and boundless blessings that patience and persistence are crucial on the journey of pursuing success and striving for excellence in life. 


MsSzeto Ying, Gloria presented the graduation certificates to the F.6 graduates. She then graced the evening by addressing the graduates and guests with words of inspiration. She shared her voluntary pursuit of Bachelor degree and Master’s degree at a later stage of her life tmotivate our graduates to adopt lifelong learning. She emphasized that lifelong learning does not only enhance social inclusion, active citizenship and individual development, but also increases competitiveness and employability in todays ever-changing world.  


On behalf of the student body, Graduate Representative Dorma Tse thanked the school for giving her and her schoolmates a holistic education which equipped them to become versatile individuals. The Speech Day was concluded with the Passing-on-the-Light Ceremony. This time-honoured practice symbolized the passing on of traditions, dreams and virtues from our graduates to their younger sisters. 


Speech Day is a milestone in the life of every graduate, meaning that their six years of secondary school life has officially come to an end. It also symbolizes a new beginning in life. Wherever they go, and whatever they do, it is certain that they will never forget their sweet memories here in our school and also their Pope Paul identity.