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Speech Day 畢業典禮 2021

Date: 15/06/2021

The Annual Speech Day


The Annual Speech Day of Pope Paul VI College was held on 28th May, 2021 at the School Hall. We were honoured to have Dr. Fok Wing Yee (Fellow of the Hong Kong Academy of Medicine) to officiate the event. Other guests of honour included our School Supervisor, Sr. Pessanha Alves Marinei; the School Sponsoring Body Manager, Sr. Fernandes Lucy; the Missionary Sisters of The Immaculate - PIME Sisters Superior Delegate, Sr. Pamei Carmela; the School Sponsoring Body Manager, Mr. Wong Yee Tin, Paul; the Independent Manager, Mr. Ko Chun Wa; the Parent Manager, Mr. Lai Tai Yau; the Alternate Parent Manager and Chairperson of the Parent-Teacher Association, Ms. Cherry So Siu Ha and the Chairperson of the Alumnae Association, Ms. Carol Chan Hiu Wai.


The ceremony commenced with an inspiring sharing by the Principal, Mr. Leung Yee Ho, Genthew. He shared his observation on how the staff members in the Customer Service Centre of the Hong Kong Disneyland dealt with a furious customer with patience, kindness and understanding. Mr. Leung emphasized that benevolence, as indicated in the Confucian Analects, is very much consistent with the Ten Commandments in Catholic teachings. He motivated our graduates to take to heart that they should show love, respect and consideration of others while they make every effort to realize our school motto “Love and Service” on their next exciting stage as they enter adulthood. Throughout the years, our graduates have not only been well-equipped with knowledge, but also they have been nurtured with positive attitudes to respect and instil a sense of responsibility so that they are willing to contribute to the collective well-being of the community. It was meaningful to receive a gift of a white cobblestone from Mr. Leung, the purpose being to tell our graduates and teachers that each student is unique and teachable. He reminded our graduates with warm and boundless blessings that life-long learning and persistence are crucial on the journey of pursuing success and striving for excellence in life.


Dr. Fok Wing Yee presented the graduation certificates to the F.6 graduates. She then graced the evening by addressing the graduates and guests with words of inspiration. She started by recounting her experiences of how she and her medical colleagues teamed up together and went through the two unprecedented pandemics – SARS in 2003 and the current Covid-19. She was deeply touched by the determination, resilience, selflessness and compassion of her colleagues and all the Hong Kong people. Dr. Fok encouraged our graduates that although there will be enormous hardships and burdens ahead, they should be brave to embrace change and uphold the ‘can do’ spirit. From her sharing, we can learn that challenges are opportunities in disguise. Every obstacle we overcome will provide us with another stepping stone to reach for the stars. And as we climb, we should be sure to reach back and give the person behind us a hand to help them climb too. It is essential to cultivate a spirit of goodwill and develop a moral compass which we must nurture and hone so that it will shine through our being.


The vote of thanks was then delivered by our Graduate Representative, Sheryl Cheung. She thanked the school for giving her and her schoolmates a holistic education which equipped them to become versatile individuals. The Speech Day was concluded with the Passing-on-the-Light Ceremony. This time-honoured practice symbolized the passing on of traditions, dreams and virtues from our graduates to their younger sisters.


It was an evening filled with reflections and joy for the graduates as they reunited with their teachers, classmates and friends. We would like to express our warmest congratulations to all the proud parents, family members and teachers, and to the stars of today - our graduates. We wish them every happiness and success in all their further endeavours.