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Staff Development Day on 25th May

Date: 01/06/2023

On 25th May 2023, our school has carried out an extraordinary Staff Development Day in the morning.

The main theme was the Flourishing Life which was then followed by various workshops led by our 43 student tutors. Ms. Chan, Educational Psychologist, shared the various concepts of the PERMA model of Well-being. Then we all enjoyed a drink of coffee or tea during the workshop to heighten our five senses to ‘feel’ the surrounding around us. Special thanks to Mr. Leung, our principal, who was so generous to donate all drinks for teachers to ‘taste’. Then there were eight different student-led workshops for teachers to join. They were Darts, Herbarium Glass Bottle 1, Herbarium Glass Bottle 2, Leather DIY, Mosaic coaster, Latte Art, Cooking Class and Aroma Stone workshop.

All the workshops were prepared and conducted by 43 student tutors. This time, the roles of teachers and students were exchanged, and this was an excellent opportunity for teachers to understand another facet/talent of our students. Students also have a slightly different perception of teachers in the normal classroom. At the round-up session, teachers also expressed their gratitude to student tutors by saying thank you and giving them a small present to show the appreciation of their effort and passion in the preparation and conduction of workshops. In addition, Ms. Chan also invited teachers to draw ‘a tree of life’ to show various components in their life supporting their growth and development.

We all enjoyed one wonderful morning session of the Staff Development Day.

Click HERE for the video clips of the workshops!